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Storytelling has been around since the dawn of humanity ...
Video Production
Karen Gordon is the
writer, producer and editor
behind every project at Gordon Productions

I look forward to hearing from you.

From Concept to (any size) Screen

Karen Gordon got her start in the video production business over thirty years ago as a writer.  For the last three decades she has produced hundreds of projects for literally every industry from sports and medicine, legal, oil and gas, consumer products, real estate, technology and manufacturing — delivering videos for all platforms— from broadcast television to the smartphone in your pocket.


Clients have stories to tell.  A story about how something works. A story that helps customers decide what products or services to choose.  A story that engages your target audience.  One that  makes them remember your product.  Your service.  Your brand.  You.


When you choose Gordon Productions to produce your next video, you'll get more than the latest technology. You'll work with a storyteller who works endlessly to understand your objective, focused on making the process of bringing your idea to life ... making it original ... and keeping it simple.  

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